Fucking SCARY

Separated at Birth?

Orville Redenbacher

Dr. Neil Clark Warren, founder of some dating site polluting the airwaves with its commercials

I've taken to calling the latter Evil Redenbacher.

The resemblance is enough to unblock a rhino's bowels.
Hoochie Moochie

Two tidbits from Sports Radio 610 AM

John Leguizamo and David Spade both turned 41 today. Scary to think those guys (a) share a birthday and (b) are only three and a half years older than I am.


Texas has the most hockey teams of any state in the union. (I'm assuming they're including AHL teams in that count.)

Texas, of all places.

What the puck.
Fire BAD! Beer GOOD!

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I'm really digging 101 Even Bigger Celebrity Oops! on E! Hilarious stuff.
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